Welcome To Mopar Classified Ads

The purpose of this page is discuss the idea behind this site, how it works, and the rules. It is presented in the form of FAQs

Why was this site created?

This web site was created by a Mopar Enthusiast/Drag Racer, who is at his stage in life where he is downsizing. Most of his 31 cars have been sold already, but there are still 4 containers or parts accumulated over the last 4 decades to list and sell. This site was created as a vehicle for him to sell his stuff. That said, the more ads placed, the more contect gets indexed by the search engines. The more indexes on search engines - the more people are directed to the site. The more directed to the site - the more potential buyers of the items listed. It is because of this that the site is open to anyone, in the United States, to post as many Mopar Legitimate listings that they want. 

Why can only people in the United States use this site?

There are a myrid of obscure Internet laws across the country, many handcuffing sites like this with penalties for the simple mistake of not knowing every freakin; obscure regulation in the world. As such, this site is meant to only be used by residents of the United States. 

Does this site use cookies to collect information?

Virtually all web sites use cookies, and this is one. While many big companies use them to target you, this site only uses them as a convenience to you. It makes it quicker for you to log in by knowing how you use the site. There are some companies who have nafaruis purposes behind their cookies - but most do not. All this site wants to do, is to have a lot of Mopar Classified Ads placed, and to connect legitimate buyers and sellers.

Why do I have to register to use?

To control Spam and Scam. Registering is simple. You only give a name, email address, phone number, and password. You get a confirmation email sent to confirm that you have that email address. That address is compared against a public list of known Spammers and Scammers. If you're not on the list, you get registered. The name, phone and email addresses are used to create ads and give the buyer a way to reach you. The person posting the ads can choose to have the ads publically display the contact information - or to only allow logged in members view it.

How Many Ads Can I Post?

Currently unlimited legimate Mopar Ads! However duplicates are not considered legitimate, and will be deleted. If you wish to repost your ad before it expires - you need to first delete the original.

How long will the ads last?

For most categories, 186 days (Six months).

Can I renew my ads?

Yes, five days prior to the expiration of your ad, you will be sent an email with a link to renew. Once renewed, the date place changes to the renew date and the ad goes to the top again.

Can I place photos with my ad?

Yes, up to ten. If the photo is too large, there are many "Free Photo Resize" site on the Interweb. Trim it down to about 1000 pixels.

I posted my ad, but I Don't see it.

That happens occassionally for one of two reasons. The first is that the 1st two ads you place, you're asked to click a confirmation link in an email. This reduces spam from Bots using "throw away email addresses. The second happens less frequently. For some reason our guard dog is barking - thinking your bad might not be legit. It is put in a Que, and this site admin is sent an email to review it. If legit - it gets approved.

What sort of security precautions should I take when buying or selling?

Trust, but verify. There are all kinds of scams out there. It is beyond the scope of this page to discuss that fully, but here are a few:

1. Cashier Checks can be counterfeit. Avoid them. If insisted on - deposit and hold your item until it is cleared by your bank.

2. If you pay by Paypal, do it as buying a product, to where you have Buyers Protection.

3. Transactions for large amounts (Vehicles) is most safely done with a Bank Interbank Wire Transfer.

4. Have good communication with the other party, and get all of your questions answered. You can often depend on your Spidy senses tingling to increase your level of caution.

5. Do an Internet search on the phone number and email address. Scammers will typically have others telling their horrid stories giving the contact information.

6. Do an Internet search of "Internet Scams" if you're new to buying and selling on the Internet

7. Beware of email relies which appear to be a form email asking if still available, and/or asking a strange question not really pertanent to the item you're selling.

8. Report anyone who used this site to screw you. While we can't do anything to rectify the issue, we will remove the account and ban the email/ip addresses, keeping it from repeating it.


What happens to Spammers?

Their email and IP addresses are blocked in this site, and added to the Blacklists (the majority of sites requiring registration) used to deny registration of known Spammers.